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Do you need English to communicate with your business clients, partners or staff? You’ve come to the right place! ThinkLish was developed by business professionals in YOUR industry. Our instructors will help you successfully communicate in English at work. Contact us now to become the English speaking professional you want to be!

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Finance & Accounting

Clarify investment information and answer investor questions about your reports so they can trust your financial data.

IT & Web

IT projects fail if objectives and tasks are not understood. Learn to discuss IT projects in English and communicate clearly.

Human Resourses

This course is designed to help you manage situations in human resources such as hiring staff or negotiating contracts .

Marketing & Sales

To understand client needs, you need to speak their language. Learn the English you need to manage, promote or sell to clients.

Boost YOUR Workplace English Speaking Skills!

Communicate clearly and easily in English at work. Our courses use situations and language that apply to your business area. You’ll improve quickly because you know what to do to solve problems you’ve had at work. At ThinkLish, you’ll learn to solve your workplace problems in English. Click a “How to ThinkLish”  video to see how our lessons work.


Business English For Finance Leaders

Financial Discussions

A sample from our Financial Leaders program. Do you want to communicate clearly and easily in English with other top financial executives. Contact us!

Business English for Global Leaders

Partner Collaborations

A dialogue from our Executive Leadership program. Do you need high-performance English communication skills to engage partners and clients abroad? Contact us!

Business English for Tech Leaders

Manage IT Projects

A model talk from our IT Executive Leaders program. If you need to communicate effectively in English with IT project managers and leaders, Contact us!

English Communication For YOUR Business Needs

Contact us now to speak with one of our professional English instructors. ThinkLish: Think. Learn. Succeed as you communicate in English at your work.

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